The Top 5 Strip Games Including Strip Poker & Virtual Strippers

On the Top Adult Games home page and other pages within our site you may have seen details of some of our favourite virtual stripper games. This includes the male desktop strippers VirtuaGuy HD, the female virtual strippers VirtuaGirl HD and the fantastic lesbian desktop strippers Desk Babes, however there are other fantastic games to play including strip poker. If you are not sure which strip game to choose then take a look below. The list below represents our favourite 5 strip games below that is a list of some of the other interactive virtual strip games available.

As time has gone by technology has shown huge advances in virtual stripper games and now there are some fantastic choices. If you cannot find what you are looking for on Top Adult Games then take a look at Adult Sex Game reviews where you can read full reviews of a wide variety of strip games.

Strip Poker Game

Download the Strip Poker demo freeStrip Poker is one of the most popular strip games on the internet and if you are looking for a quality strip poker game that will offer fantastic graphics, pretty girls and great game play then this strip poker game from uPlay iStrip is about the best that there is.

There are 5 strip games available, strip poker, strip belote, strip 4 (like connect 4), strip chess and Sudoku (strange choice), to find out more about any of these and download a free demo click here.

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There are over 50 amazingly hot women to choose from with your video poker game each one very different, black girls, European girls, girls in school uniform, blondes, brunettes and redheads there are bound to be a selection you will want to play with straight away.

The Strip Poker game is based on the rules of the most popular of all poker games, Texas Hold'em, so if you have played before then it's a breeze and even if you haven't it isn't difficult to learn.

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Strip Kittens

Find more information and download Strip Kittens virtual stripper game nowIf you like 3D virtual strippers then the strip games do not come any better than Strip Kittens. The quality of the graphics are absolutely awesome and these girls are hot with a capital H. You can download the virtual stripper game on it's own or with a selection of virtual strippers, you get an increasing discount for the more girls that you buy.

There are 7 fantastic girls to choose from with more on the way you can see them here. They will strip for you in a realistic 3D nightclub environment that you get to move around and investigate whilst your virtual strippers dance for you in a private strip show that is for your eyes only.

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These sexy strippers will do the whole show from casual clothing through lingerie to naked whilst you drool at them and they will dance to your very own MP3 playlist. You choose the girls, you choose the music what more could you ask for.

Download The Strip Kittens Game & A bunch Of Virtual Strippers


VirtuaGirl HD Desktop Strippers

Download VirtuaGirl HD for freeThere really isn't any competition for VirtuaGirl HD except for maybe Desk Babes and as they are the same company that produces them it doesn't count. Just imagine, it's the middle of the day, your wife or girlfriend isn't around and you are at your PC feeling horny, what would you say if you got a knock on the door from a stripper wanting to give you a private show?

Well, OK unless you are really very lucky, that isn't likely to happen but VirtuaGirl HD is the next best thing. It is a free desktop stripper game that allows you to have a personal strip show from more than 800 girls these shows last 30 to 45 minutes and are hot.

Virtual Girl Stripping on your desktop

VirtuaGirl HD has over 14 million users so you just know that this is one extremely hot strip game. The virtual strippers will, gyrate and touch themselves just for you, full height on your PC screen. They will dance for you in front of your running apps as if they are really there with you.

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DreamStripper Perfection 3D Virtual Stripper

Download DreamStripper PerfectionDream Stripper perfection is the ultimate 3D virtual stripper game, it combines outstanding graphics with a great selection of girls that don't have to be downloaded separately and is currently on an offer which you can purchase from the link below. The offer is to get the DreamStripper games for just $19.99.

There are 4 games in the DreamStripper Ultimate offer that is DreamStripper Perfection, DreamStripper Cabaret, DreamStripper Professional and the original DreamStripper Game. All offer a little something extra and all are amazing virtual stripper games.

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Dream Stripper Perfection offers you the ability to customise an amazing number of items to make your very own strip show even more personal to your tastes. Change not just outfits and hair, but every aspect of their fantastic tits can be customised to your very own personal taste. When the show is on you can change lighting, oil the girls up and choose how you want her to dance, including pole dancing.

Download DreamStripper Ultimate, A Collection Of 4 Of The Best Virtual Stripper Games Available


Sexy Belote Strip Card Game

Download the Sexy Belote strip gameBelote is a French card game that is not difficult to get to grips with once you have had a few games. You get to play with two women and your partner who is male, and when you win you get to choose who strips. These women are extremely sexy and they strip from sexy clothes including school uniforms. Whilst Belote seems an unusual game to have as a strip card game it works well.

You may be pleased to know that you don't have to see the guy naked if you lose because he and his partner don't strip, just the girls, great news for us guys or for any bi-curious or lesbian ladies out there.

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The Sexy Belote game is a good choice for lovers of strip card games and if you are unsure of whether it is for you why not click the link below and download a free demo of this unusual strip card game.

Download A Free Demo Of Sexy Belote And Try It For Yourself