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On the Top Adult Games home page you will have seen details of some of our favourite virtual sex games including VirtualFem and the 3D virtual sex game 3D Girlz, but there are more great virtual adult games then just these. If you are not sure which virtual sex game to choose, look at the games on this page to inspire you. The list below represents our favourite 5 Virtual sex games there are always a variety of reasons we choose them but mainly value for money and sheer enjoyment value.

Every year the list of virtual adult games that you can select from gets bigger but some are clearly just better than the rest. If you cannot find what you are looking for on Top Adult Games then take a look at Adult Sex Game reviews where you can read full reviews of a wide variety of virtual sex games.

POV House Interactive Virtual Sex Game

Download the POV House virtual sex gamePOV House is a virtual sex game with a twist it is similar in style to the likes of VirtualFem and Sambuka but is also very different. POV House is a free virtual game, it costs absolutely nothing for the software but you have to pay a small amount for the girls you choose, it is not much and the upside is that you only pay for the virtual girls that you want.

You have two types of game play with in the POV House virtual sex game, porn mode and porn plus adventure mode, the girls demand different things depending on the mode both include the clever use of HD POV video to make you feel as if you are really there. This is an excellent virtual sex game and gets you swelling in all the right areas, don't just take my word for it, play the low res min game below and see for yourself.

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There are a growing number of girls that you can choose from to play with, all are extremely hot and want to be your virtual girlfriend. They all know exactly what to do to please you and that is ... whatever you tell them to!

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VirtualFem Adult Game

Find more information and download the virtualfem game nowVirtualFem is a clever virtual sex game that combines advanced artificial intelligence with POV adult video to create a game that allows you to experience being with a different girl every night. Thanks to the use of the chat environment, speech synthesis and voice recognition it is like having your very own virtual girlfriend who is a raving sex maniac ... perfect!!

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No two encounters need to be the same because you control what you want to do and just have to ask them. There are absolutely dozens of these beauties to fuck, many of them love anal sex and want to swallow your cum. If you don't want to take my word for it visit the largest VirtualFem information site on the internet and see all the girls there have been to date.

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Kari 3 Pro AI Virtual Girlfriend

Download the Kari 3 Pro virtual girlfriend gameKari 3 Pro is an advanced AI virtual sex game where Kari is your virtual girlfriend. Kari 3 Pro is based around the theme of an internet chat room and is a game for anybody who wants to model a long term relationship with a beautiful virtual girl.

Unlike games like VirtualFem or POV House, Kari Pro stimulates you with conversation rather than visually with 3D sex models. If you like AI and an adult game that stimulates you mentally as well as physically then this could be what you are looking for.

Kari 3 literally is an adult virtual game that does not have a defined end, the more hours you spend talking to her the more she will begin to understand what you like so that you quite literally will shape her into being a virtual companion who understands you.

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Kari is a beautiful 3D girlfriend, stunning in fact and she will talk to you as well as typing in the chat box. There are several natural voices available, more details of which are on the web site. She can get naughty pretty quickly if you speak to her nicely, and her conversation can be pretty hot. Spend the time needed to model her into the virtual girl of your dreams and she could be with you for life.

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Hungirly Interactive Virtual Sex Game

Download the Hungirly free adult gameHungirly is an unusual mix of a virtual sex game and a strip poker game that is aimed at those who prefer a slightly less hardcore offering. Now this may possibly change change with later versions and users feedback, but for now it is the case. That said however, Hungirly is a free sex game.

You can play Hungirly for as long as you want without spending a penny but in order to progress through the game you will need to buy credits. But the good thing is that because it is a free adult game you can download it and try it out first, decide if the style of game is for you and if not then delete it without spending a cent on credits.

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Despite a few shortcomings it is an erotic adult game which offers an unchallenging simplicity, however if you are looking for something of a similar style but more hardcore then take a look at VirtualFem or POV House.

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VSex Interactive Virtual Fucking Machines

Visit the VSex virtual fucking machine siteIf you would like to fuck other women without really cheating on your partner then you will love VSex. VSex is a live webcam environment that allows you to actually fuck other women over the internet, now how cool is that!

At this moment in time you will not find another site that offers this service anywhere else in the world, over a year of R&D to create their very own interactive sex machines make it possible for you to fuck some of the hottest women around in real time!

How is this achieved? Well, VSex uses an actual fucking machine in the girls bedroom which you control via mouse or keyboard or better still, an interactive Fleshlight. These girls are hot too, some are even porn stars, imagine that, telling your mates you fucked a real live porn star and made her cum, kudos!

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So what makes this a virtual sex game then I hear you ask? Well, after 5 minutes your performance is graded by the actual sex machine girl that you are fucking, the better your performance the more they will want you to come back and the higher your rating. The most highly rated will appear on the home page and the winner each month will receive a whopping $250 of credit that can be used to drive even more hotties into a frenzy with their fucking machines.

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