The Top 5 Gay Games & Lesbian Games

On the Top Adult Games home page you will have seen details of some of our favourite gay sex games including Gay Sex Villa and Outcast Academy, however there are other great gay and lesbian games to play too. If you are not sure which gay sex game or lesbian game to choose then consider looking at the games on this page. The list below represents our favourite 5 gay games there are always a variety of reasons we choose them but mainly value for money and sheer enjoyment value.

Gay sex games are not as widely available yet as other 3d sex games or virtual sex games but the list of gay and lesbian adult games that you can choose from is getting bigger, but some are just better than others. If you cannot find what you are looking for on Top Adult Games then take a look at Adult Sex Game reviews where you can read full reviews of a wide variety of gay sex games.

If you would like to buy the 3D Girlz sex game which allows you to select girls to partner each other for lesbian sex then you need to take a look at Babesoul. You can get 3D Girlz at a fantastic knock down price you won't find it any cheaper than this.

Gay Sex Villa 3D Gay Game

Download the Gay Sex Villa 3D free gay sex gameGay Sex Villa 2 is a 3D gay sex game that allows you to create your very own fantasies right there on the screen in front of you. Want to fuck a couple of hunks on the beach, or blow a pilot on an airplane then you need Gay Sex Villa 2.

You can customise most aspects of your character and add to the experience by purchasing from a huge number of sex packs. The sex packs are paid for using virtual coins earned throughout the game. The graphics in Gay Sex Villa 2 are out of this world and the movement is smooth and realistic. When you are blowing a hunk whilst giving a handjob to another it will turn you on for sure.

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The gameplay is absorbing and there are a variety of play methods, in addition there are tons of sexual positions to experience with the gay hunks, don't just take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

You can create a free account for Gay Sex Villa 2 and download your free copy of this number 1 gay game by following the link below.

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3D Lesbian Game

Find more information and download the 3D lesbian game now for free3D Lesbian is a really hot 3D virtual lesbian sex game that allows you to experience seriously hot lesbian encounters with beautiful virtual girlfriends. Whether you are a lesbian woman or a red blooded male who likes watching lesbian women (nearly all of us) then the 3D Lesbian game is worth taking a look.

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You can customise your lesbian characters in so many ways from what they look like, their body parts, how they are dressed and even where they have sex. You can have lesbian threesomes or have them masturbating themselves with a variety of sex toys.

The graphics are quality and fast to redraw as you move around and there seems to be hardly any corruption of the image even on full zoom. The sound is amazing and erotic and when the models get heated up it is a real turn on, the girls talk to you with phrases like “It feels so good having you licking me” and “ooh that feels so good, you make me so horny”.

You can create a free account at 3D Lesbian and download your free copy of this lesbian game by following the link below.

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VirtuaGuy HD Free Male Desktop Stripper

Download the Virtuaguy HD for freeVirtuaGuy HD is a FREE male desktop stripper game that allows you to have hot hunks stripping, masturbating and playing with each other right there on your desktop. We are not just talking small barely visible male strippers, as you can have these guys stripping for you at full height.

These male strippers are the sort of guys you would want to see stripping for you on your desktop, in fact you would probably like them to be stripping in your bedroom but hey, one step at a time LOL.

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There are dozens of hunks to choose from if you want the more adult stuff. You can get full uncut male strip shows that last between 30 and 45 minutes right there on your desktop as you continue to work, exclusive HD video and hi res photos of specific hunks.

If you like male virtual strippers you are sure to love VirtuaGuy HD, it is free to join and free to download the male desktop stripper software, so what are you waiting for.

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Desk Babes Lesbian Virtual Stripper

Download the free Desk Babes desktop stripper gameDesk Babes are lesbian desktop strippers that will drive you crazy. These girls are hot and there is nothing they won't do to each other for their enjoyment and your entertainment. You can download the Desk Babes virtual stripper game for free and then you will be able to gain access to dozens of beautiful lesbian couples who want to play with each other just for you.

Desk Babes is a free lesbian game that allows you to have a personal lesbian sex and strip show right there on your PC. The Desk Babes desktop strippers will dance for you, gyrate, masturbate, play with each other, suck and lick each other and strip just for you. You can either give them your whole attention or get on with something else whilst they work their magic on top of your running apps.

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Choose from hundreds of hot lesbian virtual strippers and decide if you want the adult shows. You can get full uncut lesbian strip shows that last between 30 and 45 minutes right there on your desktop, exclusive HD video, screen savers and hi res photos of specific babes.

Download The Desk Babes FREE Lesbian Virtual Stripper Game Now


Bum Tropics Virtual Gay Game

Download the Bum Tropics gay sex gameBum Tropics is a 3D gay game that sees you as a naked gay man walking around the Bum Tropics hotel which is based somewhere in the south pacific. The goal for you in Bum Tropics is to find other gay men to have sex with, blow and generally have a great time, this is done by wandering around looking for open doors.

Within the Bum Tropics gay game you will find ten hunky men to fuck, you will not be able to access them all at once though because you have to skillfully progress through the levels in order to unlock the doors to the other guys.

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The graphics in Bum Tropics are good, not as good as the likes of Gay Sex Villa but still good and the music is slightly reminiscent of Velvet Express or Nemos Whores.

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