The Top Fetish Games & BDSM Games

There are a limited amount of bondage games on the market at the moment but those that are there are very good. In order to give you a bit more to look at we will list some other services that provide you with top quality bondage and fetish trials and freebies. Below you will find the top sex games available aimed at those looking for something a little more on the edge than some of the other mainstream porn games.

Fetish 3D Bondage Game

Download the Fetish 3D Bondage game for freeFetish 3D is a quality fetish sex game from the same people who created the awesome adult game 3D Sex Villa 2. The Fetish 3D BDSM game essentially is a niche version of 3D Sex Villa 2 providing you with all the tools, locations, positions, clothing and other customisations needed to give you a realistic experience of 3D bondage.

The 3D graphics are out of this world and the realism of both characters and the environment in which they play is out of this world. You can enter the dark world of dominance or submission and embark on a multitude of BDSM adventures, all of your own making. Why not tie your slave up in tight rope bondage to get fucked by a dominant man, a lesbian with a strap-on dildo or maybe even both at the same time.

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There is now a fantastic new location, the Hospital. In the hospital there are four rooms, so for anybody with a medical fetish this is the place to go. Humiliation, masturbating whilst doctors watch, a padded insanitorium, sickness and cure. There are new hairstyles and clothing to match this fantastic new location too. This is a virtual fetish game that is worth a visit.

You can create a free account at Fetish 3D and download your free copy of the bondage game by following the link below.

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3D Kink

Find more information and download 3D Kink virtual fetish game3D Kink allows you to be the director and controller of a hot 3D kinky video. You create your own characters in a virtual world that meets your desires. Want a muscle bound stud, your very own slaves or a kinky dominatrix, well you can have them, individually or all at once.

This is a hardcore porn game where your fetish is king. You can create and interactive fetish rich experience that includes BDSM hardcore, bondage and much more. Choose and customise your characters to be slaves, masters or mistresses decide if they should wear latex fetish wear which sex toys to use or better still which BDSM toys. Choose their punishments and select the hard fucking sex positions they should be in

3D Kink is a BDSM game that is just part of a huge group of extreme sites for fetish loving adults this includes kinky live webcam and sites for just about every kind of fetish that you can imagine.

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Create your character as a slave or dominant, set the size and shape of their tits type and style of hair, cock size, wearing fetish wear or naked the choice is yours. Play with fetish sex toys including paddles and whips, clothes pegs and much more. You can use sex toys including dildos, vibrators and butt plugs and make them cum with realistic moaning whilst you control the cum shot.

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