The Top 5 3D Sex Games & 3D Adult Games

On the Top Adult Games home page you will have seen details of our favourite 3D adult games including BoneTown and 3D Sex Life, but if you want to find another 3D adult game and you are not sure which one to choose, look at the list below for inspiration. The list below represents our favourite 5 3D sex games based on playability, quality and how quick they make you horny!

There is a wider selection of 3D adult games for you to choose from than there was a few years ago but some just stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you cannot find what you are looking for on Top Adult Games then take a look at Adult Sex Game reviews where you can read full reviews of dozens of adult games and 3D sex games.

Cherry Dolls 3D Virtual Sex Game

Download the Cherry Dolls virtual sex gameWhen it comes to 3D virtual sex games they don't come any better than Cherry Dolls. For all lovers of 3D adult games Cherry Dolls is a must, you get a choice of locations, sex positions and girls. These girls are amazing and the sound effects are erotic and extremely appealing.

Moving around the scene and zooming in so close that you can almost smell or taste those perfectly formed lady bits is both simple and fluid, better than most the adult games that you will find, and as for the graphics, well they are absolutely incredible.

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There are some amazing 3D adult games around, yet amongst the stiff competition Cherry Dolls reigns supreme in my opinion. You may find yourself wishing that you could trade places with the guy in the game for an hour or two so you could be fucking these hot virtual girls yourself.

Cherry Dolls is available to download now, there are no membership options to consider, and it offers great value for money.

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3D Sex Villa 2

Download the 3D Sex Villa 3D free sex game3D Sex Villa is a fantastic 3D sex game that offers tons of options to shape the game just how you like it. From customisations to different game play styles there is something to allow you to tailor the game to your tastes and fetishes.

I cannot do the graphics justice just by talking about them, but suffice to say that they are amazing and if the screen shot below isn't poof enough check out these high quality movie samples directly from the game 3D Sex Villa poolside fuck movie samples, 3D Sex Villa fetish lovers movie samples, 3D Sex Villa airplane fuck movie samples, 3D Sex Villa lesbian movie samples.

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The movement is fast and fluid and you get to dress and undress the girls and there are possibly more sexual positions to choose from than virtually another 3d adult game that I have seen. You can get additional toys etc from the sex shop in the form of sex packs which add masses of variation into the game.

You can create a free account at 3D Sex Villa 2 and download your free copy of the sex game by following the link below.

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Virtual Hottie 2

Download the Virtual Hottie 2 3D adult gameVirtual Hottie 2 offers you the real experience when it comes to virtual sex and you can play this 3D adult game in full screen mode for an even more in your face 3D sex experience.

You can change the ethnicity of your virtual girlfriend, hair and hair colour, eyes and even breast sizes. You can have peircings change the skin tone and choose whether to have your 3D girlfriend with a shaved pussy or a hairy bush. There are few if any other 3D sex games that I have come across to offer as much variation and choice.

Why not take your fantasy even further by picking the outfits you want her in, choose lingerie and underwear, you can even have her wearing glasses if you want, for that sexy secretary look or have her as a schoolgirl if you prefer. Also if you want more you can decide whether she should be solo, having a lesbian encounter, with another guy or in a threesome. A fantastic choice of exotic locations awaits, these are extremely realistic 3D virtual environments complete with sound effects to suit the scene so you can build your very own sexual fantasy for every occasion!

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Why not get yourself blown on the beach by a black schoolgirl one day, and a latino nurse in the forest the next or even on the same day, the choice is yours.

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Christies Room 3D Adult Flash Games

Download the Christies Room flash sex gamesChristies room is a massive collection of around 100 original adult flash games, top quality 3D adult cartoons, entertaining adult comics, wallpapers, screensavers, mini games and much more.

There are too many adult flash games to mention them all but safe to say there is a huge variation of niches so whether you like flash sex games that are a little on the fetish side, regular 3D sex game style or even hentai flash games you are sure to find something that appeals.

As if all that isn't enough Christies Room offers more than just flash sex games because there are literally thousands of high quality 3D adult cartoons spread across a huge range of interests. There are daily and weekly updates, mini fuck games and much more.

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Why not try a membership to Christies Room if you are unsure, because you can sign up for a 4 day trial and see just what you will be getting for your money.

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Nemos Whores

Download the Nemos Whores 3D sex gameWould you like to be Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus submarine, fathoms under the water there is not much for you to do except fuck the pretty naked women whenever you want them, they are your whores, there for your pleasure only. Wherever you are on board the Nautilus there will be somebody to fuck.

The Nemos Whores adult game is in the same style as Velvet Express i.e. the moody music and the solo male wandering round fucking whoever he wants whenever he wants them.

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The graphics are extremely good and the movement is fast and fluid, along with this there is a multitude of sex positions that you can have Nemos Whores in, plus if you use the link below you can save 45% on the cost of the game.

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