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If you are looking for the best adult games and virtual sex games around then this is a good place to start. Below you will find our hot picks, the top adult games around in our opinion. From the menu above you will be able to access our top 5 adult games for each section.

It was easier to choose great adult games a few years ago because there were a smaller number of outstanding ones around but this is changing. Every year existing games get better and new games appear. On the Top Adult Games site There will be mini reviews of hentai games, 3d adult games, virtual sex games, gay games, lesbian games, fetish games and more.

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VirtualFem 3 Virtual Sex Game

Find more information and download the virtualfem game nowVirtualFem 3 is an amazingly horny virtual sex game that utilises advanced artificial intelligence to simulate a true virtual sex experience with dozens of some of the hottest girls around. The interface simulates a web video chat environment and thanks to the clever use of POV video you are absorbed into the game as if you are there with these amazingly hot babes. The video below is of Emily, she is seriously hot and whether she is blowing you or taking your cock up her ass she will drive you crazy.

VirtualFem 3 incorporates voice recognition, speech synthesis and artificial intelligence to give you a true virtual girlfriend experience that you can be different time and time again with dozens of beautiful girls. As if that isn't good enough, as a member of VirtualFem you can download every single girl that there has ever been and you get to keep them all to play with even if you decide not to remain a member. If you would like to see details of all the girls with stats and screenshots then visit the largest VirtualFem information site on the internet.

Read Full Details Of VirtualFem & Download The Virtual Sex Game Here

Bonetown Adult Video Game

Find more information and download the Bonetown adult game nowBonetown is the best adult game of all time, it is funny sexy, violent, politically incorrect and will absolutely keep you occupied for days or weeks. I could not put this game down and often played it for 4 to 6 hours straight. In Bonetown you need to have big balls in order to fuck the pretty girls, and the way that you get these big balls is to fight, drink, do drugs and complete missions. Some of these missions are amazingly difficult to master and will make you pull your hair out but man are they cool.

Alcohol and drugs give you special powers and every drug is different so the best way to get on in the game is to collect as many as you can and use them as much as you want. Moving round the amazing amount of neighborhoods and locations in Bonetown is awesome, every one is different. To build your energy up you need to bone the babes, at first the fat or ugly ones but as your balls grow then you get to fuck the pretty ones. Beat the crap out of everyone you see and if their balls are bigger than yours you can steal their identity.

If you are not quite sure about the Bonetown adult game and whether you would like it then why not do a free trial. With the free trial you get to try the game for 3 days to see if you like it and then it will automatically convert to a Bonetown membership for only $9.99 per month. The membership option maybe perfect for hardcore adult gamers who play fast and think that they can complete the game in a month.

The best option for gamers who don't want to rush, or who like to get the highest points they can is the lifetime option, a one off payment of $34.99 and the game is yours forever. This option offers the best value for money but if you are unsure, why not do the free trial and then see which option you would prefer after that.

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BoneCraft Adult Fantasy Game

Download the BoneCraft adventure gameBoneCraft is an amazing new game from the creators of BoneTown. It has been a long while in production and it is now available to order since it's release on 12th January 2012.

Your spaceship travels light years across space and crashes on a planet full of hot Elvin chicks and big bad Orcs. Once you discover the beauty of the Elf pussy you realise you must have it but it won't be easy. The Orcs want to stand between you and the Elf prostitutes by keeping the brothels to themselves.

order BoneCraft from here and for a limited time get ROBO-HO completely free.

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If you are already a fan of BoneTown then this has got to be the game for you and if you have never played either then use the same link and save $10 by buying both games together.

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3D Girlz

Download the 3D Girlz 3D sex game3D Girlz is definitely the place to go if you like to watch beautiful 3D virtual girls masturbating, fucking and sucking. These virtual hotties are incredibly realistic and extremely customisable so that you can get the girl of your dreams in the fantasy of your own making within minutes.

The graphics are incredible and the choice of sexual positions that you can have adds real variety to your sexual fantasies, doggy style, cowboy, spooning, blowjob, masturbate, and titty fuck to mention just a few. 3D Girlz is a truly amazing game that is well worth a look.

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If you want even more realism then take a look at 3D Girlz 2. Although I haven't tried this yet the video and screenshots form the site look awesome, better than anything that I have seen so far, if it is as good as it looks then it will be an excellent 3D adult game. The realism is increased even more because it is designed to work with the Vstroker, strap this to your dick and you will really feel as if you are there because it works with the movements in the 3D Girlz 2 sex game.

Read Full Details Of 3D Girlz & Download The adult Game

Read Full Details Of 3D Girlz 2 & Download The sex Game

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3D Sex Life 3D Adult Game

Download the 3D Sex Life virtual sex game3D Sex Life is absolutely fucking awesome, if you want realism in a 3D adult game then download the game now. It is so easy to use, just a few clicks and your away, followed shortly by that growing feeling of satisfaction in your pants! This adult game may have a few less customisation features than some but it really is better off for it.

You get to choose between three truly amazing girls that you can fuck in three locations, the backyard, the glade and the bedroom, and whilst normally the great outdoors may fulfil your urge for a little adventure in this case the girls are so hot that the bedroom will do very nicely. In addition there are a great selection of positions that you can have sex in, all of which are excellent.

Find out more about 3D Sex Life adult game

Moving round and zooming right in on that hot pussy is simple, so long as you can use a mouse then you are away, it's so easy you'll even be able to do it if your drunk.

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Outcast Academy - Hells Angels Lesbian Game

Download the  Outcast Academy lesbian sex gameWhen you join the Outcast Academy you can become one amazing bitch or an angel and have lesbian sex that will drive you insane, because your class mates are hot!! In this series of premium quality lesbian flash games you get to choose just what kind of lesbian schoolgirl you want to be.

You can build your relationships with the academy personel, comfort your classmates if they are depressed, be the biggest bitch going, mess with your teachers, become a ledgendary guitar hero or pay for your sins of the past. You can do anything, be anyone and be ready for almost anything; but whatever you do, just don't limit your fantasies!

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The academy has hot lesbian students from all over the world and they have split themselves in to different factions such as top models, emos and more. There are rules in place to prevent imorality and violence; but remember, rules are there to be broken and if you break them you'll be punished.

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VirtuaGirl HD

Download VirtuaGirl HD for freeWhen it comes to virtual strippers then there is no competition. Imagine, the hottest girls stripping right there on your computer, teasing you, themselves and sometimes their girlfriends just for you. VirtuaGirl HD gives you free desktop strippers every day, you can have them dancing and stripping small in the corner of your computer or tall and in your face right there over your running apps.

Virtual Girl Stripping on your desktop

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